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AZURECON 2015 – A Great Learning Experience

Journey to the intelligent cloud - Scott Guthrie
Journey to the intelligent cloud – Scott Guthrie

Azurecon 2015 was an event with lots of announcements and bundle of amazing things to learn for IT pros as well as developers of all the genre, straight from the experts. The event was very informative and well paced for the beginner’s perspective, everything one needs to know as a beginner, about azure, was right there. When it comes to delivering knowledge and empowering the IT students with state of the art technical learning experience, no one beats Microsoft. Who is not familiar with Microsoft Virtual Academy? It’s a massive collection of top quality free courses, covering almost every aspect of modern development and management techniques in Computer Science. Similarly the AzureCon event was very helpful for the new learners as there were sessions on lots of things related to Azure right from the introduction to Cloud & Azure to the advanced and intelligent business solutions that Azure provides as a Cloud service. There was a lot more there, but the part of the event that we thought, was the best, was the AzureCon Challenge! Considering the amount of young developers and IT pros it attracted to a whole new and emerging technology.

AzureCon Challenge 2015 was a 24-hour online competition held worldwide, with 1000 prices to be redeemed after passing labs related to Microsoft Azure. The more the labs one passed, the more was his/her chance to win amazing prizes, or you can say, “the more someone learns, the more was the reward”.


But the real catch of the competition were not these prices, for someone who wants to learn this field, although they were pretty cool, yet not as important as the immense amount of knowledge and hands-on learning experience that the challenges provided contestants with. The labs were completely outstanding, covering some really interesting and challenging enough topics to get you going further in exploring the cloud capabilities. For example; there were labs related to VMs, Azure Web Apps, Azure API Apps and lots more.. see here.

AzureCon Challenge provided learners with the opportunity to learn about cloud technology, its power and capabilities in a whole new and interesting way. Following are the view of some contestants of the event.

“I was in search of a head start, that could push me right to a place where at least I know what actually the Cloud Technology is and what does it offer, specially Microsoft Azure as we can get it free from dreamspark.”


“Cloud technology is definitely the next big thing! For me, the AzureCon challenge was very helpful as I got to know about several new things like testing some new operating system on a Virtual Machine. I deployed linux and windows virtual machines in the very first lab challenge. “



Microsoft Azure is considered as one of the leading cloud solution available out there with more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies already utilizing Azure services for great business solutions and optimum performance.
Feeling you have lost the opportunity to catch the live event? There is no point to regret! As the LABS offered by the event are still there to grab.  Are you interested in making a career in cloud technology or some other cool development skills and want to learn all these awesome skills from some of the best instructors at no cost? Move to Microsoft Virtual Academy today!

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