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Design a logo in 5 Minutes

Design a logo in 5 Minutes

Logo design is essential part of an identity design.It is not easy to make a unique design that stands out in the crowd.However, today a lot of tools solve the matter for designers.Here we discuss one of such tool that make logo design extremely easy.

It is an easy to use online available tool for beginners and professionals.This online application help you to create a logo in just few seconds with hundreds of royalty-free material,text and drawing tools.Follow the following simple steps to create a logo:

  1. Create your account
  2. Click on left side-bar and choose the material you want to use.(e.g. Text,images,icons or shapes etc.)
  3. You can edit a particular design material that you drag and drop on screen.
  4. To edit, just click on design part that will open a footer-bar, where you can edit.
  5. To save your work and to download logo, click on top right corner, it will guide you further.

Here you see how much simple this app make the design. If you still find problems in using this app you can further watch this video: | First Step Into DesignApp

Enjoy Logo Designing 🙂 !!

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