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Earn Udacity nanodegree free with GitHub Education Pack

Earn Udacity nanodegree free with GitHub Education Pack

What is Nanodegree?

A Nanodegree program is a compact online course designed to get you the skills that employers believe are key to get a job in technology. It focuses on learning by doing. It is typically consist of 5 to 8 projects with relevant courses to support the skills needed to complete those projects.

Nanodegree programming is organised by Udacity, an online training website. Udacity is offering free course as well. But the nanodegree programs are not free. Students who earned the nanodegree are working in world famous organizations like google and facebook etc.The collaboration of GitHub and Udacity, made Nanodegree programs free for

The collaboration of GitHub and Udacity made Nanodegree programs free for students. Students who are GitHub Student Developer Pack members one month of free access to any Nanodegree program. 

In a Nanodegree program, you will:

  • Learn at your own pace from industry experts at Google, Facebook, and GitHub
  • Get access to coaches who provide you with personalized guidance, accountability, and code review
  • Create a portfolio of work to showcase your skills
  • Receive career support to help with your job search, and a guaranteed job when you sign up for Nanodegree Plus

GitHub student pack is a set of tools from 15 companies including Microsoft, Strip, CloudOcean, Bitnami and offers free personal domain with ssl for students. If you are a student, claim your GitHub education pack today. 

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