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Google Is Merging Chrome OS into Android

There are some reports that Google is merging its both of operating system (Android and Chrome OS). The new OS will be released in the next year according to Wall Street Journal. Its another change after Google is merged into Alphabet. Android is now a dominating mobile OS in the market that’s why google is going to merging Chrome OS into Android. By mixing both of OS it will be easy to run Android on laptops and because of the change in name, Chromebooks will also be renamed.

The Verge confirmed that the new OS will be shown at Google I/O next year. This effort makes easy to handle different independent platforms. While this is the best option to do from the Google because the company is more successful in the cheap Chromebooks business as the Sundar Pichai hold the business of Chrome OS and Android. The new CEO make it possible to run android apps on the Chrome OS which is Google’s major OS for laptops. Pixel C was also a major move towards the Google’s new hardware.       

“Right now we don’t have strong interest in developing for Chrome OS. The market size is relatively small,” said Alex Davis, an engineering manager at app development at home-sharing service Airbnb. Switching to Android is “probably the right move for Google,” Mr. Davis said. “Android is so ubiquitous and so many people are used to using it.”

Converting the Chrome OS into android makes it more easy to integrate more apps into OS and also a better echo system just like Microsoft Windows 10. This is enormous step of Google’s new policy to take over on the PC market


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