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How To Check Who Has Unfriended You On Facebook

This era is  considered  is now considered the era of “Social Media”.Every day each of us spends hours of day on Facebook and twitter etc posting photos ,and videos, etc.The fever of Facebook has been grown with a great intensity in last few years.People from different corners of world are connecting to each other each day.But there are also different problems in it like security issues and fake accounts etc.Some times a person which is your Facebook friend unfriends you silently or deactivates his account and it comes to in your knowledge after months.This article is all about how to get notified when a person unfriends you or deactivates his account on Facebook.

“Who Deleted Me” is an app which that shows users who has unfriended them or deactivated their Facebook accounts. It has been added as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or the app can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices.

After linking your Facebook account you will get a new button on Facebook web portal.When there is no activity is detected by app it shows a pop up that this person has not been actived on Facebook .You can check it after clicking on the pop up.Remember, it is free tool which is available for most of the platforms. 



Who Deleted Me is no longer available on any platform its developer announced on its web.Its extensions in browsers will not work and mobile apps for Android and Ios has been removed from stores.Anthony Kuske anounced written “Who Deleted Me was intended to be a useful tool to enhance users’ Facebook experience, but Facebook did not see it the same way.



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