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My Experience at Microsoft Innovation Center as Intern

My Experience at Microsoft Innovation Center as Intern

Aqsa Khan from NCBAE

I shall begin by thanking Allah Almighty for showering His endless blessings on me for which I can never thank Him enough. My family for their affection, absorption, support and prayers.

Just trying to collect my memories of MIC in order. Working at Microsoft Innovation Center as an intern and Microsoft Student Partner is not less than a dream which is full filled. It was strenuous for me to get familiar with a very new and different environment, learning how to behave and adapt oneself to the new environment and then finally getting bold and confident to face challenges with pluck. I was reluctant and the place was like a complete incomer to me. As time passed, I opened myself to MIC and it embraced me with wide open arms, groomed me, developed my character and transformed me to a commanding person. MIC offered me opportunities to learn, grow and above all discover myself. I still remember that feeling of pride and nervousness that I have experienced on the Orientation day.

I can flash back the concern and desperate swift prayers just before the interview result. And then finally got selected Alhamdulillah! MIC taught me how easy it is to interact, how soul satisfying it is to help and guide the fellow students, how enlightening it is to discuss problems with teachers and above all how to enhance my individuality by totally lost in Microsoft.

Teachers at MIC makes me understand the importance of commitment in life and to have courage to stand up for the right cause at right time and how to manage things by keeping a stability. I am sure each one of us with that soul of squad work and the feeling of being together with each other as a family is going to miss Microsoft!

I wish all the best in life to all of you. It is very rare that an opportunity knocks at your door. It is even that we make use of that opportunity. May you realize how fortunate you are to be a part of Microsoft Innovation Center. MIC is not only a part of my life, it has become a part of myself.


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