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Meet Ahmed Mohammad – Silicon Valley’s New Hero

Having creative skills and then utilizing them in the right way is the best recipe to create something new. It’s your passion which drives you to become whatever you want to. But what if you create something and then get arrested?

Yes! It’s embarrassing, way too embarrassing. But a Sudanese American Muslim teen, Ahmed Mohammad has faced this humiliation. On Monday he brings his home made clock to his school so that his teacher can check it. In the class room when another teacher watched the clock she called the Police, Ahmed was pulled out of class, interrogated by Police and then detained.

Ahmed lives in Irving, Taxes and studies in MacArthur High School, and he has a keen interest in engineering and robotics. Ahmed told the Dallas News on morning that he showed his clock to his engineering teacher who praised him and told not to show it to any other teacher in the school but in the next period his teacher listened to its beep. She called the Police and Ahmed was arrested.

Soon this issue created stir on social media and people started supporting him, consequently, he was released.

Speaking to a news conference Ahmed’s father told:

“He fixed my phone, my car, my computer. He is a very smart, brilliant kid.”

He also spoke about people’s reaction supporting his kid,

“It made me really happy to see all these people support me,” he said.

Ahmed Mohamad got support by millions of people with hashtag #IStandWithAhmed.

After the Press conference Ahmed got attention of US President Barak Obama. He invited Ahmed to the White House with his “Cool Clock” via twitter.


There are also some big names who praised Ahmed for his engineering. Mark Zuckerberg also invited him to visit Facebook headquarter, Mark wrote on his timeline:

““Having the skill and ambition to build something cool should lead to applause, not arrest,”

Technology giant Google invited him to its science fair and asked him to bring his clock.

Twitter verified his account and offered an internship

Even NASA praised him in this way

Box CEO Aaron Levie invitation was

And from Astronauts

Chris wrote

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the university he wants to study at also invited him for visit

There are many social personalities are supporting Ahmed like

Hilary Clinton

At this point Ahmed has a lot of opportunities from silicon valley but he thinks to change his school after white house visit and also he is going to join the MIT soon.


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