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Microsoft Launched Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Launched Visual Studio Code, A Free Cross Platform IDE

Microsoft launches Visual Studio Code. A free cross platform code editor for web and cloud applications. It is launches on Microsoft Build 2015 (April 29 to May 1). It is free and avilble on your favourite platform, Windows, Linux and MAC. It is streamlined and powerful. It has a integrated debugger, a rich code assistant and navigation.


Intelligent code authoring, understanding and navigation

Rich, multi-file IntelliSense for ASP.NET v5 application development using C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, LESS, and more. Easily navigate and understand your code with features traditionally only found only in IDEs, such as Outlining, Find All References, and Go To Definition.

Built-in debugging

Set breakpoints, step into and out of your code, and inspect variables across the call stack, all from within the Code editing environment. Works great as a standalone debugger too!

Simplified Git source control

Easily create feature branches, stage code, review diffs, push, pull, and sync changes to any remote repository.

Download Visual Studio Code – Its Free

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