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OneDrive’s Groups feature shutting down October 16th

Microsoft officially announced it’s axing the Groups feature in OneDrive in the coming weeks, meaning stalwarts still using the online storage service for collaborating will need to start migrating their data to new locations. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though: The feature has been largely shuttered for months. As it is, users haven’t been able to create new groups; they can only work within existing ones.

Once OneDrive Groups shut down, you will no longer be able to get at files and documents shared with you, so between now and mid-October, you’ll want to move those files to your own OneDrive.

Microsoft had already instituted limits on OneDrive Groups—you can only work with existing Groups, and you can’t create new ones or add people to your Groups, but Microsoft’s shutdown announcement marks the official death knell for the service.

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