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Skype Newest Feature is Valentine’s Day Cards

Skype Newest Feature is Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Is celebrated every year, but this year the tech world has also found a way to take apart into connecting virtually the people who love each other’s.  As skype is adding more and more emoji’s. Skype newest feature,  Valentine’s Day video card is an expansion to the last year’s holiday cards.

The new Valentine’s day video cards are similar to the holiday cards which got a huge hit. The valentine’s day cards allow you to record a special message and add a filter on the top of the video. This message then can be sent to anyone. You can also save the video locally and share it via skype message.

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These skype newest video cards are introduced after Skype’s partnership with legendary Sir Paul McCartney. The emoji’s and cards “express your love to friends and family around the world, no matter what you’re trying to say.”

Microsoft described that it was surprised at how popular the cards it made for Christmas were, so it decided to tackle the next big holiday on the calendar.

The latest feature in only available for Android and iOS. If you use apple device, then on a little heart icon on the top-right of your Skype home screen whereas on the android heart will be shown after pressing the ‘+’ button on the lower right corner.

skype newest With all of these cool things, another important news is also there.  Skype has added search for Moji and emoticons. It means you can look up the video clips by name, content or relevant emotion. Search is the powerful feature in the skype with its unique design.

Via: Skype Blog

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