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Sony’s Hacked Emails Expose Silicon Valley

Sony’s Hacked Emails Expose Silicon Valley

Three days ago everything was going fine in Sony’s Studio. But eventually a cyber attack hacked company emails. The indifferent thing was that it contains the important emails of Michael Lynton, the CEO of Sony and the other executives of the company. The leaked sony hacked emails expose the deal making in Silicon Valley and other secret and personal information.

Yesterday, the drama significantly highlighted when Wikileaks published the Sony hacked emails. This publication cause more trouble for the company.

Sony Pirated O’ Really Books:
The hacked emails reveal that Sony had pirated O’ Really books on hacking. The copy of two books “Inside Cyber Warfare” and “Hacking the Next Generation” was found on their servers. Until now it is not make sure that these eBooks were legally purchased or actually pirated.

Sony, SnapChat and Twitter Deal Making:
The emails reveal many stories including the business interest of twitter with SnapChat. The Dick Costolo, CEO Twitter emails Michael Linton, Sony CEO in which he shows his interest to work with SnapChat.

Not only this, the emails expose the story of SnapChat from last December when Evan Spiegel, the CEO reject the offer of more than $3 billion by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook. It was also reported that Google offer $4 billion to SnapChat around the same time. Costolo writes to Linton:

“I just wanted to send you a note that I am going be coming back to LA next Friday to talk to Evan again about a couple big ideas we have about working with SnapChat, and I’ve also asked my CTO to be as helpful as possible to Bobby about scaling the platform. If you have any specific ideas you think it would be helpful to add to the mix, I’d be delighted to hear them, otherwise I’ll of course let Evan follow-up with you about things we can be doing together.-Source Wikileaks

It look like Costolo “big ideas” is to buy SnapChat before Facebook could.But the SnapChat famously turned down Facebook and have not announced any partnership with Twitter.

In the end the entire story out there actually shows how the deal making in Silicon Valley really works.The Wikileaks published a long list of emails that include emails by formal Apple executive Scott Forestall, New York venture capitalist Ken Lerer, private investment of SnapChat and the way Hollywood walk the line in China.

Regardless of all these things the cyber attack on Sony ‘Pictures was a malicious criminal act .Wikileaks should avoid publishing and indexing the personal information of the company and employee.

Visit: Wikileaks Publish Sony Emails


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