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Top 10 iOS 9 New Features

iOS 9 was announced on this Thursday and it holds a lot of new features. Some big improvements are like smart Siri, new font called San Francisco and ability to block adds. Generally it can be called maintenance update to iOS 8. Here  are top 10 tips and tricks you can experience on iOS 9.

1. Make a call from search bar

This feature can be called as copy of Android’s Google Now .When you start searching anything in the search bar there will be a pop up will appear which will let you call, massage and FaceTime.

search bar ios9

2. New 6-digit pass code

iOS 9 has now 6 digit password after upgrading from 4 can make combinations from 10,000 to 1 million.

new pass code

3. Search bar in setting

Setting are now optimized with the search bar. If you want to find any type of setting then go to settings and find it.

search settings

4. New notes app

Notes app for new iOS come with features like URL thumbnails, advanced formatting, bulleted lists, embedded sketching, , Maps support, actionable checklists and so much more upgrades.

notes app

5.Upper and lower case keys in for keyboard

The new iOS 9 keyboard lets to use upper case letters when shift is enable and lower case when shift is disable.

upper and lower case

6. Integrated iCloud drive app

In the past people access iCloud with third part apps but now it is integrated in the ne OS.

apple new i cloud app

7.New low power mode

iOS 8 added features to view how much a particular app is taking juice. But in iOS 9 give more freedom. You can view matrix of battery consumption but also can  enabling low power mode battery which extends battery life up to 3 hours.

ios 9 low power battery option.

8.Safari’s read view

Just like Microsoft edge and Mozilla Firefox apple also created read view for its Safari browser. It makes the web page clutter free and more readable . Tap on the aA on top of the browser to adjust setting .It has also features like changing background color and text size.

safari read view


9.Request desktop website view

While viewing the website on mobile does not gives full featured content so there is a request desktop website view in the share icon.

desktop request icon

10.Use flash with video

iOS 9 has also another cool thing. You can now enable flash while recording video.

use flash option.


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