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vTime-Virtual Reality based Social Media

vTime Early Access is a VR amiable system that permits anybody, anyplace to associate with family and companions in virtual reality. Experience a developing library of unimaginable areas as you associate and talk with others in the virtual world. Customize your symbol to make a bespoke virtual you, with more customization choices and highlights coming month to month.

vTime is the first virtual mobile website where you can meet your friends with a new feel just entering to the virtual world right from your mobile. vTime can be a replace of facebook said by experts.

This innovative website is developed by Starship a UK based organization. You can enjoy this virtual reality social networking website using VR system of new smartphones or by using cheap cardboard VR by google. Thousands of people have joined this website and they are using this for their business. They can meet and communicate with their friends virtually. People from different areas are meeting with each others using virtual reality headsets.

“vTime is the first truly ‘sociable’ network on mobile VR. Unlike conventional social networks, where you spend time mostly with your PC, tablet or phone, vTime is about spending that precious time with family and friends.”


vTime has many options as in facebook, like messaging, friends list, your representative virtual character and much more. An interesting feature in vTime is that if you don’t have VR phone or VR headset, still you can join the conversation and you can present your virtual character over there. Images, videos and documents can also be exchanged over there.

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