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Why Microsoft Is Accepting Applications at MIC Karachi

Why Microsoft Is Accepting Applications at MIC Karachi

MIC Karachi, a place for innovative research, technology and software solution, providing students with such an opportunity and environment that helps building creativity and skills. Anyone who is interested in taking the next step in software development for Windows, Windows Mobile or Azure then MIC-Karachi is the right platform to go for. MIC Karachi is providing students and entrepreneurs with lot of different facilities that includes incubation, technical support and outreaching helps young minds to highlights their skills.

Few weeks ago I had the chance to visit MIC-mic-karachiKarachi which is located at Bahria University Karachi. In this writing I am going to share my experience with you guys about what I found there. I was totally surprised when I heard that the Karachi is the one of those MIC centers from where Microsoft is accepting applications, out of total MIC centers worldwide.

The MIC-Karachi is facilitating everyone who deserves like students and entrepreneurs, with their high capabilities, unique ideas and aim to provide innovative solutions, with an incubation facility which is the most impactful thing and core of what MIC Karachi is all about. I tell you what is an Incubation facility? Incubation is just like holding a finger of a child and helps him walking through his childhood till he becomes an adult and can get through different phases of life by his own. Well coming towards the point that what the MIC Karachi accommodates with, is when a small startup comes to them, they give assistance from technical point of view; provide them with a small office, server space and every kind of mentorship they need regardless of its coast so that they can get themselves able to fine tune their products for market.

biz-sparkStartups ecosystem in Pakistan is becoming vibrant at very high pace as lot of incubators are being operated in the country by the MIC Karachi, giving startups the right platform to become successful. Talking of Incubation Bizspark is a program through which entrepreneurs are incubated with their initial startup ideas, giving them free tools and technologies along with market visibility, mentorship, training and access to Microsoft hardware to test a solution. The selected startups under bizspark plan within last few years were amazing and MIC Karachi has played a fundamental role in assisting them, in their fantasy of doing something different, when they needed most.

The top successful incubators so far under MIC Karachi including, Spark Computer solutions, GameDotPlay, the only reason behind their success is they have utilized the bizspark offer offered by MIC Karachi very elegantly and very effectively., founded by Jehanzeb N.Chaudhri connects low income workers to job opportunity by leveraging the power of SMS. What he and his team have done is created a system whereby anybody can create a profile online without using internet through SMS. So he could not have achieved this in Pakistan without the existence and assistance of MIC Karachi

Spark Computer solutions, was founded by Usman Nasir Khan back in july, 2014. Since then they have been developing and working on different software projects. Currently they are working on a car security system through which they are trying to reverse a trend of monitoring the vehicle. They are trying to give customers the power to monitor and track their vehicles through their desktop and mobile phone application. They have a massive growth strategy for next two years and they will be adding many more features in this, according to them MIC Karachi has been such a great partner at such an influenced stage.

GameDotPlay Co-Founded by Salman Abedin, Cricket is the world’s second most popular game with over 3-billion fans around the globe; despite of that there was no authentic augmented reality cricket game till 2015. Presented cover drive the world’s first ever Microsoft connect based cricket game, was made possible through the Microsoft bizspark program at MIC Karachi.


Besides incubation there are different other capacity building programs running under MIC Karachi including Skills Accelerator Program, Student to Business Program, Product Testing Lab.

Well in this regard Microsoft Innovation Center Karachi has recently announced their Internship Program in 2015. After going through this program every individual will not just be able to use his creativity but also he/she would have the opportunity to develop apps for Windows Store.

mic-karachi-viewIn their outreach programs, they do deliver lectures and workshops around Karachi and even in places like Bahawalpur and Multan where they don’t have places like MIC Lahore or Karachi to simply come and get help.

All in all, I think MIC Karachi and MIC in general is an impressively insightful step of Microsoft in the sense that it’s not only setting up a crop of future developers for their platforms but also bringing their software development resources and expertise to places that would otherwise be deprived of them.

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MIC Karachi

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