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Windows 10 For Phones is coming this year

Windows 10 For Phones is coming this year

It’s time to say good bye to Windows 8.1. This time Windows 10 is arriving in market not only for desktop but for Mobile too. The tech giant “Microsoft” is working hard to this new cross-platform operating system windows 10 for phones with exciting new features.

1) Translucent background:
The feature of being translucent give a new look to your phone. Just like iOs and Android you can set a photo or image as background and app tiles turn translucent so you can see your photo through them.

2) Simplified Panel design:
Unlike Window 8.1 it include some new features, the different flavor to the design instead of solid color backgrounds makes applications interface look nicer and simplified in windows 10 for phones. The settings panel is more user friendly with small font and Microsoft icons which makes it less boring.

3) Better Speech recognition:
In their new mobile OS the Microsoft providing a better way to talk to your phone with voice-to-text option. This makes you to type on screen with your voice. For this purpose every time you pop up keyboard you find a microphone icon to talk. This feature is also available for other apps like Internet Explorer. I think Microsoft administration should thank to Cortana developers 🙂

4) Efficient Universal Apps:
The Universal app means that all application will sync and give the same look across desktop and mobile phone. The Universal apps like Microsoft Office will be included in this OS. It will work same as it works in desktop. For technical preview the early version of Office will be available at the end of this month.

5) Interactive Notifications:
The action center was already there in Windows 8.1 for quick notifications and setting. This time action center is upgraded so you can add many more settings to the list and interact with some notifications. These interactive notifications like text messages, alarms, emails, social media (Twitter, Facebook) and messaging apps help you perform task right from the notification itself.

6) More powerful Photos app:
A new universal photo app will be the part of Window 10 which means it will run same as mobile and desktop. The features like auto enhancement, red eye removal and brightness adjustment will be activated by default to give you best experience of photography. The album feature will be out there along with burst mode shots to help you in organizing pictures.

7) “Spartan” -future of Internet Explorer:
Spartan the new Microsoft browser will take on the IE in near future. According to Microsoft officials this will be new, light-weight Microsoft browser which will be work as default browser for Windows 10 mobile and desktop. The advance new feature is that the Cortana will be built into the browser which gives you the best access and browsing experience.

The Windows 10 technical Preview is currently available for 28 Lumia Phones.If you want to experience the new OS for your windows phone then visit Microsoft Windows site to check if your phone supported  or not for Technical Preview.

Visit: Supported Windows Phone for Technical Preview

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